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Grace Banks has officially been storytelling for over fifteen years, although from a young child she was always spinning tales. She tells stories in schools and libraries, as well as adult venues.

Grace is warmly enthusiastic about providing fun opportunities for people of all ages to share their own tales, whether orally or through the written word. Everybody has a story; it just needs the right platform for it to be shared and with the sharing comes a self-worth that is so often lacking today.

Story workshops can be provided for children or adult groups. Grace tells traditional tales, as well as stories from different cultures, from the simple to the complex; from the funny to the sad, often interspersed with traditional or home-spun songs, some accompanied by harp. She has a love for local history and will weave in ‘stories from your doorstep’ whenever she can.

Grace is always keen to pass on new stories. She enjoys creating stories and has co-authored a book, ‘Aberdeenshire Folk Tales’ with Sheena Blackhall. Grace and Sheena’s second book, ‘Scottish Myths and Legends’ will be available later this year.

Originally from Glasgow, Grace has lived in Aberdeen for many years and gradually her children have flown the nest! For seven years she worked with children on an outreach scheme called The Reading Bus which gives opportunity for young folk to gain confidence in literacy through creative arts. In the same vein, Grace has worked with the Aberdeen City Arts Education Department on various story/reminiscence projects.

One of her passions is to encourage interaction through different generations where old and young have so much to offer one another. Grace’s work is more and more connected with introducing people to nature; she loves working outdoors and is a bit bird-mad!

Grace will take any opportunity to share stories and songs – factual and/or created to encourage all ages to wonder, appreciate and care for nature and their local environment. Story walks, outdoor fun and exploration, curriculum-based activities are all possible! Grace is also a founding member of The Grampian Association of Storytellers, which meets to share stories and run workshops in a very informal setting.

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