Inés Alvarez Villa

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Inés tells stories from Spain, Scotland, and from all over the world. She tells stories in English and Spanish. Sometimes offering tales of her own creation. She enjoys tales that help us look at things anew and bring a sense of wonder.

Her style is warm and atmospheric and her delivery varies from cheeky to solemn, depending on the story. She has great ability to conjure vivid images and uses her high oral and physical expressiveness to draw the audience’s attention and engage their imagination.

Inés loves telling stories to people from different ages and backgrounds, and feels as comfortable telling them on a stage, in a pub or sitting on the carpet of a small room.

Born and brought up in the north of Spain, Inés has found her home in Edinburgh since 2004. Here she enrolled in the Scottish Storytelling Forum Apprenticeship scheme where she learnt the craft of storytelling.

Combining her knowledge and experience as a TV producer and a storyteller, Inés has designed a series of workshops exploring ways to adapt video production and streaming to the craft of storytelling. She has taught these workshops for the Scottish Storytelling Forum at the CPD days in 2020 and 2021, as well as for the Canary Islands Association of Storytellers and the East Anglian Storytelling Festival 2021.

She continues her research and development in this area with the intention of contributing to the improvement of the digital expansion of the craft of storytelling.

Inés has performed at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, the Edinburgh Fringe, and the Edinburgh Horror Festival where she enjoys telling spooky stories of her own creation.

She feels passionate about the power of storytelling to promote connection, integration, equality and wellbeing.