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Joan tells traditional stories of magic and mystery, from Scotland and beyond: stories and ballads of the Scottish Borders, Arthurian legends, tales of mythical creatures, wonder tales, hero adventure tales and stories of the Faery Hills of Scotland, to entertain, educate and inspire. Her storytelling is often combined with music and song – a love song, an old lullaby, a children’s street song, a lively tune, or a gentle slow air played on concertina, to enhance and enrich the experience for the listener.

Born and brought up in Ayr, she loved the stories her family told her, and soon she in her turn was telling them to her wee brothers – so her storytelling journey began at an early age. Joan’s father Andy was well known across Ayrshire as a true enthusiast and keen exponent of the works of Robert Burns. He passed this enthusiasm on to her, together with his native Scots language and his love of music, songs, poetry and stories. She feels very lucky to have grown up with such a rich and unbroken cultural heritage, and has been able to share it with a variety of audiences in formal and informal settings: the Scottish Storytelling Centre, folk clubs, music weekends, ceilidhs, festivals, museums, concerts, house parties, and in schools, enthralling children and adults alike. Joan is very grateful to have had many opportunities to learn stories by listening to wonderful storytellers including David Campbell, Sheila Stewart and Duncan Williamson, and it is a great privilege to her to be able to pass on stories that have been kept alive by the unbroken oral tradition.


As an experienced teacher working in various Scottish Borders primary schools, Joan has often used stories to help pupils to engage with their learning – especially those who can find it difficult to concentrate in class. She uses stories to help them with

* learning about peoples’ lives in other times and other places

* developing their skills in vocabulary, language, literacy and fine motor skills

* using their imaginations to produce expressive and creative writing and artwork.

She is well practised in planning sessions to suit each group, and in devising and adapting ways to support children and young people with Additional Support Needs, using props/ costume/ toys from her collection.


With a wealth of practical experience as Art Specialist in many schools, she can devise and deliver well organised story-related Art sessions and craft activities to suit the needs of your class/group, and can create, adapt and provide resources and materials where required, to offer a positive and rewarding experience.

Joan can also offer some stories in French, and is currently translating some of her favourite Scottish traditional tales, ready for her next visit to France.


“Exceedingly well prepared…wonderful props…the follow-up art lesson was excellent…clearly explained, with positive reassuring feedback.”– L. Ireland, Class Teacher, P6 & P7.


And from Jess Abrahams, Festival & Events Organiser: “Her whole approach draws you in, quietens you down, and you can really listen. She creates a magic world.”


Joan stays in the Scottish Borders, but regularly spends time in Perthshire, the Isle of Mull, and Ayr, so is interested in storytelling opportunities in these areas also.

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