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Ken Shapley has been telling stories professionally for 20 years now and believes storytelling helps us appreciate both our citizenship and independence, giving us a sense of awe and wonder for life. Furthermore if we know our own story, and that of our ancestors who make us, we are more able to connect to our dreams and live them.

His greatest loves are stories that help us explore the mysteries of life and give insights into other cultures. He has a gentle and enthusiastic presentation style; his performances encompass a wide range of story types, creation myths, wisdom tales of native peoples, Celtic wonder tales, stories of  finding awareness and meeting the Great Mystery. He is an initiated bard through The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids and has experienced Sweat Lodge, Fire Walk, Drum Journey and Vision Quest ceremonies as well as Vipassana 10 day silent retreat meditations, 3 Reiki initiations and also works as a sound healing journey fascilitator.

He supports his stories with musical instruments including Medicine Drum, and Didgeridoo, which he has 30 years experience of playing, making and teaching.  cChildren and adults alike find such stories spellbinding. He is a firm believer in the power of storytelling, both as teller and listener, to help us develop a broad understanding of our wonderful world and to learn, through enjoyment, how to use our gifts of communication, creativity and imagination to the fullest. He can also teach The Cherokee Dance of life which is easy to learn, difficult to forget and a tool to help you find balance in life individually and as a group.

Ken was born in 1964 in Wales to Scottish parents and he was brought up in England. He undertook professional training at Emerson College and received a Millennium Award through Community Foundations Scotland to offer storytelling, art and Japanese Tea Ceremony to Edinburgh schools in a three-month project with his wife. He has performed in schools, lecture halls, community centres, museums and around campfires in England, France, Canada and Japan to audiences of five years old and above.

Ken also specialises in photography and image editing to create digital stories as part of mentoring young writers in crafting stories. The links below will show you his digital storytelling productions and show the wide breadth of his creative skills. He has self published two books and 5 cd’s which can be found through his website.


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Didgeridoo sample



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