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Lari is currently working round the symptoms of long covid. She is still very keen to share stories, but has to limit the number of events she says yes to.

Lari Don is passionate about sharing all sorts of stories with every kind of audience. She is just as enthusiastic telling squirrel stories to three-year olds, Greek myths to twelve-year olds and Viking sagas to adults in darkened pubs. She is committed to passing on traditional Scottish tales, but also has a wide repertoire of tales from all over the world, and enjoys finding the connections between them. She particularly loves trickster tales, wolf stories and kickass heroines.

Lari also writes children’s books and uses traditional stories in her author events and writing workshops. She also has a great child-friendly writing blog on her website. As well as telling in primary schools all over Scotland, Lari has shared stories with children and adults with special needs, mixed age groups at drop-in events, family sessions and festivals. She believes that every person, of any background and ability, can respond to appropriate stories told with commitment, and she aims to reach everyone in the audience. She believes that the power of stories can improve everyone’s day, if not their lives!

Lari was born in South America, brought up in North East Scotland and now lives in Edinburgh. She has family connections with and stories from the Borders, Orkney, Skye, St Kilda and Sutherland. Lari used to work in radio and politics, but she took a break from these modern forms of storytelling to become a mother. Constant demands from her children to tell more and more stories led her to the Storytelling Centre’s workshops, where she discovered a love for the traditional tales and a desire to bring them to life.

Lari has told stories at many festivals including the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Edinburgh Mela, Borders Book Festival and Salisbury International Arts Festival. She has told stories in tents of many shapes and sizes, in forests, ruined buildings, comedy clubs and even in deep, dark caves.


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