Lindsey Gibb

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Lindsey enjoys telling a wide variety of stories, often with an environmental or wildlife theme. Journeys also feature strongly in Lindsey’s stories as they offer opportunities for adventure, cunning and the unexpected. She tells stories from around the world as well as Travellers’ tales, tall tales, traditional tales and many others. Leading story walks let her merge her love of the outdoors and storytelling.

Lindsey also specialises in Story Storming, where she makes up stories with the audience and Spontaneous Storytelling, where she makes up stories on the spot. This is great fun as she never knows what she’s going to get and anything can and does happen!

She enjoys the variety of telling to different ages and working with schools, uniformed organisations like Cubs or Guides, community groups, care homes and offices. She also uses storytelling in business, either as a facilitation technique or to help with problem solving, mediation, team building or building confidence for public speaking. Lindsey has an interest in helping people develop their storytelling skills and she was a founder member of both Blether Tay-gither and Silver Branch Storytelling groups. She runs storytelling workshops and events, as well as providing coaching for new and experienced tellers.

She also likes to collaborate with other tellers and with different genres to create new pieces and share experiences. She has worked with dancers, poets and musicians and is always interested in trying something new.

Lindsey grew up in the West of Scotland surrounded by stories; listening to them, reading them and making them up and has constantly carried weaving stories into her various careers and at home. She’s worked as a Countryside Ranger, Trainer & Management Coach, Communications Manager and Pilates Teacher, amongst others!

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