Lynsey Wright

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Lynsey Wright has been telling stories her whole life. She is a warm and friendly storyteller happy sharing tales with all age and abilities. Lynsey has a wide repertoire of stories from around the world and has also crafted her own tales for telling. Lynsey particularly likes to make use of humour in her stories – for both fun and to tackle difficult issues.

She grew up in a small fishing village in the north east of Scotland and would spend her time helping out at the fish market café, listening to the humorous tales the fishermen told. Before becoming a professional storyteller, Lynsey spent thirty years as a primary school teacher where she regularly used storytelling in the classroom. These stories helped the children make sense of issues in their life and led to great discussions, and she prepared a week-long festival of stories as part of a celebration of Robert Burns.

Lynsey’s stories can be tailored to fit any occasion and circumstance. She has previously told stories in a wood, in a hospital garden and countless community centres to name a few! She also meets regularly with storytelling groups throughout Scotland, exchanging stories and gathering new ideas.

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