Marie Louise Cochrane

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Marie Louise is a hugely experienced and popular teller of stories and singer of songs. Her earliest experiences of storytelling were humorous tales accompanied by singing, at family parties in her granny’s house. She soon learned to do a ‘party piece’ and has been carrying on one way or another ever since…

Marie Louise is passionate about the power of stories to bring learning and healing as well as entertainment.

For children and families:

Mrs. Mash the Storytelling Cook tells food-related stories with lots of joining in and specially written action songs. She also uses comic props and foodstuffs to illustrate the stories. This encourages a love of healthy food, and inspires an interest in where it comes from, how it fits into our culture and creates an understanding of why it’s good for us.

Mrs. Mash is ideal for growing events, community food organisations and festivals of food, science and literature.

For Adults:

Stories and songs about food (especially bread) and its place in Scottish culture. Perfect for ceilidhs, learning events, food hubs and community growing organisations.

Marie Louise is also the creator of Red Velvet Revelry: This project celebrates women’s life affirming stories about sexuality and gives a voice to the experience  of Menopause.

Tales of warmth and honesty which invoke the healing power of knowing laughter.

Ideal for women’s events, health and wellbeing festivals, women’s health and development groups, workshops, and supper clubs.



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