Marjorie Leithhead

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Marjorie lives in Bridge of Weir where she tells stories in local schools and the community. She enjoyed being Storyteller in Residence at Gunsgreen House in Eyemouth, which is known as the house of secrets, because of its association with smuggling.

Because she is originally from Eyemouth, Marjorie’s stories are about fishing boats and the folk who sailed in them, the sea, smugglers, pirates, strong wives of fishermen and the fisher lassies.

She began her teaching career at Earlston High School in the Scottish Borders and it was here that she grew to love the Border tales, having always loved the tales of Scotland, its people and places and rich history. As a teacher, she always shared the stories behind the novels, plays and poems, convinced children will understand Shakespeare, Grassic Gibbon or WWI poetry better if the text is told in story form beforehand. She has always preferred the big narratives and atmospheric telling has always been the key.

Marjorie provides storytelling workshops for local teachers at Gunsgreen House, has an excellent relationship with local schools, tells stories in the community, performs and organises mini-storytelling festivals and will be delighted to set up storytelling clubs in schools. If invited to work within the classroom she will work within the class topic and tell two stories which fit in with what the children are doing.

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