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Mary loves to tell traditional myths and legends from home and abroad to people of all ages and abilities. Stories of wonder, creation, romance, history and the natural and supernatural world, tales of the fairy realm, selkies, giants, and ghosts; the funny and the gruesome! Tales of the Scottish Borders where she lives are particularly of interest, and she enjoys making links with her tales to the occasion, season or location.

Mary’s telling style is warm, inclusive and fun. She includes riddles, tunes, ballads and songs as appropriate. Inspired from childhood by nightly Irish fairy stories from her father and her mother’s music, Mary and her siblings have all become storytellers, musicians and artists, so naturally she believes nurturing the creative spirit is essential. For Mary, there is real magic in conjuring up a fleeting, captivating atmosphere where a story can live vividly for teller and listener, a place of connectedness, a ‘well of being’.

Mary also tells as ’Mistress Quill’ in an historically accurate medieval costume with enthralling stories drawn from Roman, Anglo Saxon, Norse, Viking, Celtic and early Christian traditions, from largely pre-literate times at the roots of our own rich and varied culture. Period recorder music and curious objects enrich a visit, and an optional art session is offered using handmade quill pens.

Mary is well established in the Borders as a storyteller and practicing visual and creative artist with over thirty years’ experience in performance and workshop leadership. She has worked with groups and individuals from nursery to the elderly. Mary has worked for Schools, Libraries, Museums and Galleries and organisations including Historic Scotland, R.N.I.B, and Borders Forest Trust. She has told at Historic Houses including Traquair House, Bowhill House and Duns Castle, at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, Aberdeen Storytelling Festival and Borders Book Festival.

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