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Mica Hind, The Wandering Vagabond, has a wide variety of stories in her repertoire, not limiting herself to any one genre or tradition. She has strong knowledge of world myths and legends, with an emphasis cultures which converged in Scotland – Celtic, Norse & Anglo-Saxon.

She particularly enjoys the strangest, most bizarre myths and legends that have grown up across the world and she collects stories from every continent that are both astounding and hilarious. Mica also enjoys tales from the nineteenth century, which she considers the grand age of the modern short story.

Mica is confident telling to any audience, she is particularly capable of engaging with children and adults in both casual and more formal environments. She enjoys making storytelling as immersive an experience as possible, making use of costume and props and utilising the persona of The Wandering Vagabond – a traditional, travelling storyteller and suspicious individual! She also likes to use stories to educate, inserting portions of her broad knowledge of history, language, literature, natural science, anthropology and world religion into the tales she tells. Mica is familiar with Education Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence and the historical periods covered at primary and secondary-level.

Mica was born in the North-East of Scotland where she spent most of her childhood. With parents who were keen on the great outdoors, she spent many a day roaming fields, hills coastlines and woodlands of the North East of Scotland. The knowledge of plants, animals and general bush-craft skills imparted to her by her mother and father, she now imparts on others through her storytelling.

Out-with professional storytelling, Mica also writes fiction, organises live club and theatrical events, makes props and costumes, brews a selection of country wines and breeds mythical monsters in her basement.

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