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Noreen Hamilton was born into a family of Irish descent in Lanarkshire. She grew up in a culture immersed in songs and stories and has been a performer since she stood on the piano aged six and sang for half-crowns. Her mother, Peggy Daly, was a great, natural storyteller amusing friends and family into her eighties.

Noreen inherited a huge repertoire of stories and songs reflecting her Irish heritage and her Lanarkshire upbringing. She has developed a wide range of original and traditional stories from Ireland, Scotland and beyond. She has very interactive approach – everyone is involved in the stories. Noreen’s degree in Scottish History and Performing Arts from the University of Strathclyde makes her perfectly placed to use storytelling and performance in heritage interpretation.

Noreen works with her husband, John Hamilton, delivering a wide range of story based education projects. Heritage Stories has delivered costumed interpretive storytelling at many heritage sites, their interactive approach delivers vibrant interpretation pitched at exactly the right level for large and small groups. They run costumed interactive workshops on WWII Home Front and Victorian Life for schools and are happy to develop new programmes.

Noreen has worked extensively in the Museum Sector delivering presentations, workshops and walks for primary, secondary schools and adults.

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