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Owen Pilgrim tells folktales and mythology from around the world, with a passionate interest in the significance of stories for us today.

With over 10 years of experience, he has a rich repertoire of tales from Scotland, including tales of the fairy folk, Celtic Mythology and Scottish Traveller stories. Stories that come from our relationship with nature, especially trees, have a special place in the heart of Owen’s work.

Owen is also an artist working primarily in woodcarving. His main inspiration, from his days in art college until now, is symbols, images and archetypes from story and myth. This was what initially led him to an interest in the craft of storytelling. He runs workshops using a combination of art and storytelling to explore the themes and ideas. Stories may be told anywhere, but there is something special about hearing a story told in the forest or other outdoor natural spaces, even better beside the fire.

Owen has helped to organise many outdoor events and projects using stories and art, and he is a trained Forest School Leader. Stories can help us connect to the environment and community by showing us different perspectives and teaching us how we can become more aware of what surrounds us. Stories are also windows into other cultures that can teach us about the ways and beliefs of other places and people in the world. The therapeutic and healing aspects were once intrinsic to the craft of storytelling. Owen has been exploring and learning more about how to nurture these elements of story and help people to find how these are relevant to our lives.

Owen has a rich and varied bag of stories containing tales for all ages. He has developed story sessions and workshops for young people with complex learning needs, and has run storytelling workshops and sessions for a wide variety of groups. The ‘Story Shelter’, Owen’s storytelling yurt, has been travelling for years to various festivals, events and locations, including inside a library and art centre. It is decked out with colourful hangings, objects, rugs, and has a woodstove to keep everything cosy on cold days – it may be booked to go just about anywhere.

Owen runs workshops in: Introduction to Storytelling, Story Making, Mythology, Shamanic Storytelling, Story Maps, The Hero’s Journey and others. He can also customise a workshop based on the needs of a group, and has workshops to suit many ages from 7 years old and up. For more information on Owen’s work visit his website or get in touch with him.

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