Phyll McBain

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Phyll McBain is a farmer’s daughter from the Northeast of Scotland. She is steeped in the farming tradition of the area and tells many of her stories in her mother tongue, Doric.

Phyll is a very adaptable storyteller, fitting tales and yarns to her audience and often encouraging the audience to take part especially if working with children, fun stories and tales with action parts for the audience. She also has a collection of puppets to engage her listeners.  Humour is very high on her list of talents, finding stories that fit the Doric, and fit into the culture of the area.

When Phyll is telling or passing on the craft of storytelling she will always show humour and passion, whether she be coaching a storyteller or leading a workshop.  She has a large portfolio of stories and yarns, which came from the traditional stories of the area, stories from around the world and anecdotes, especially tales from growing up on a farm.

Having been very active in The Grampian Association of Storytellers (GAS), Phyll is well known in the area and has many contacts within the storytelling communities. Phyll has been telling stories for over 15 years. Fun, humorous and entertaining would describe her telling style, combining tradition, real life, anecdotal stories, and new stories written by herself.

Phyll has told stories at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, various GAS events, local cubs groups, Arbroath Seafest, World Storytelling Café and in libraries. Zoom groups set up during and continuing after covid, brought her into contact with stories and tellers from around the world, enabling her to continue to develop her craft.

Phyll works mainly in the AB and DD post codes but can work further afield if required.