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Sarah Wedderburn-Ogilvy is a storytelling fibre artist who weaves words that challenge listeners to think deeper about their place in the world. She loves to tell tales that invoke the wilder side of being human, and tales that rekindle our love of the magic in nature. Sarah is passionate about encouraging families to love the land they are on and to find enchantment in the everyday acts of caring for each other and the planet through the medium of stories. Her bank of stories is eclectic, taken from Scottish folktales, world myths and legends, and everyday snippets of stories from real people’s lives, interwoven into a wonderful tapestry that informs and inspires. 


When she’s not telling stories herself, Sarah loves encouraging others to share their own stories – either in workshops, or in the form of story circles. She hosts regular circles for women in Burntisland and is always happy to collaborate with others who want to invite stories into their spaces. She has recently worked as an associate storyteller with the Village Storytelling Centre and is extremely interested in applied storytelling. As a keen textile artist, she also loves to weave a little fibre into the fabric of her storytelling performances or workshops. 


Sarah grew up on the West coast of Scotland, and spent her adult years on the East coast, and she has fallen in love with the history and stories of everywhere she has lived. 

A previous bookseller, and kids yoga teacher, discovering that storytelling was a career option was an eye opener – although, really, she has been telling stories all her life. 


Sarah is currently based in Fife, though she is happy to travel throughout Scotland and beyond. She regularly holds workshops and performs in schools, in local communities, and out in nature on regular story wanders.

She has previously performed at Winter’s Last (hosted by the Taibhsear Collective), Wildhood festival, Bradford Literature Festival, and Glasgow School of Yarn, and is currently one half of the School of Storycraft – a storytelling program aimed at encouraging the next generation of oral storytellers to practice the art. 


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