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Senga Munro

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Having listened to her grandmother’s tales “straight frae the mooth” as a child, Senga Munro continues the family tradition of storytelling by sharing Scottish and Hungarian folk tales, reworked ballads, environmental stories and family life.

A teacher for 30 years, (the last ten with traveller children) and now retired, she is happy to work with nursery to primary classes and small groups of secondary school children, encouraging story making and telling. She believes storytelling is an essential part of education and an invaluable tool for developing the imagination, problem-solving skills and empathy.

Senga leads workshops with teachers and parents throughout Scotland, with a focus on storytelling to support Maths in the Curriculum for Excellence.

She is also passionate about using Scots language and has experience in the use of story in the field of Special Education.

Senga was born in Fife where she has lived all her life. An active member of the local community, she has been enjoying telling stories throughout Fife, and in 2014 she became an Honorary Vice Chair of the Scottish Storytelling Forum.

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