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Stephen McCabe is a Midlothian-based storyteller from Liverpool. He often jokes that he is the only teller of traditional Scottish tales who talks like Lily Savage!


Stephen is a professional eco-therapist, a job which he loves, where he connects people with nature for their wellbeing. He is also a trained Storytelling Therapist, where he uses the power of stories to help people transform and heal.  Stephen is an author of a book of Midlothian folktales called The Moorfoot Tales, and he is also an ordained Zen Buddhist. All of these aspects of Stephen’s life inform his work with storytelling; Stephen loves to share traditional stories (especially from Scotland) that explore nature-connection and spiritual exploration. 


Stephen’s tellings have had professional storytellers in stitches at his dry scouse delivery, as well as delving into deep contemplation. As a trained meditation guide, he sometimes invites the audience to close their eyes and visualise places of deep enchantment; places where faeries dwell and trees can talk.


Stephen is most at home working with adults and older people. He specialises in delivering nature-focused storytelling sessions (online, indoor or outdoor) that get people reconnecting with the magic of nature. He tells stories in a down-to-earth, conversational style that makes his audience feel right at home. He is often found sharing tales about selkies and faeries on the beach or in the woods. He is an experienced workshop facilitator and he regularly delivers professional workshops on the many ways in which storytelling can be used as a nature-connection tool. 


Stephen had a big life change in his late 30s and embarked upon a beautiful journey with nature, storytelling and meditation. He feels that traditional stories take us to a magical otherworld, accessed through imagination, and he loves sharing that world with others. 


Stephen is available to tell nature tales, Buddhist tales and traditional Scottish tales (amongst others) at live events, either online or in-person. He can also be booked as a Storytelling Therapist for those looking for healing/transformation through the power of stories, or as an eco-story workshop facilitator. 


“Stephen McCabe has a chameleon identity in telling his stories, from the still and sombre to the frolicsome. With his audiences, he is himself – easy and relaxed, and that consequently puts the audience at the same mood of ease.” David Campbell, acclaimed storyteller and author of Out of the Mouth of the Morning: Tales of the Celt


“Being an eco-therapist is a huge part of who Stephen is, and it is central to his storytelling. He takes the care to bring the audience into exactly where the story happened, and his connection to the local area and wildlife are easily felt. He isn’t the kind to say, ‘they walked through the forest’ but to detail which trees they walked under, what time of year it was, which birds were singing. The way he did this at his book launch for The Moorfoot Tales (and at many other tellings I have seen) gave his telling a meditative feel, which brought the stories to life in my imagination quite powerfully.” Daniel Allison, acclaimed storyteller and author of Scottish Myths and Legends