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Susi has been an active storyteller for many years, appearing to her audiences as Susi Sweet Pea the Fairy.

A lover of enchantment, her favourite tales usually incorporate the Wee Folk, Dragons and Giants. Susi’s repertoire includes Travellers’ tales, Scots folk tales and her own Scots tales penned for children. Susi likes to explore Scots poetry, songs and tales and uses these in her work where she can. She also enjoys exploring and telling folk tales from other parts of the world. Although Susi Sweet Pea herself is suited to primary school children, it is not unknown for adults to also enjoy her work. For the sheer pleasure of it Susi Sweet Pea often appears in Nursing Homes and Day Centres for the Elderly as she is a firm believer that you’re never too old to enjoy a good tale well told.

Susi’s working background is in the Care sector and as such she has a great understanding of the needs of the elderly in her community. Susi sees storytelling as a way of escaping, for seeking wisdom and for healing minds and hearts. This a valuable medicine for all ages. Susi is flexible and can appear in full fairy regalia equipped with her native fairy flute and drum or in more modern clothes depending on the occasion. She also uses music in her work, often asking the audience to listen to the melody of the native fairy flute and seeing what they can see as they listen to the haunting melody. Susi also plays a variety of instruments such as acoustic guitar and bodhran drum.

Susi was born in Dumfries in 1978 and grew up in a house where everyday news was like a story being told. Her grandfather and father were big influences on her when she was younger and they often told her tales. Her grandfather would tell ghost stories about the local area and her father would share tales about Dr Giggligog the Wizard. Material which she has since been inspired to use in her own projects like The Magikal Woodland Walk.

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