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Tony Robertson grew up in a storytelling family, the son of the late great Scottish master storyteller, Stanley Robertson. Tony learned from his father and other relatives (such as Jeannie Robertson MBE and Lizzie Higgins) many traditional tales of the Travelling people and as well as telling stories, Tony knows and sings many of the old ballads, as well as being a keen amateur historian.

Tony specialises in Jack Tales, but also loves to share supernatural and humorous tales. However, with a vast repertoire of stories to call upon, he can find tales for any audience.

Tony loves to give storytelling and ballad workshops and is a natural teacher. It is only since his father’s untimely death in August 2009 that Tony has devoted more time to telling tales and singing ballads, and he regularly attends events hosted by the Traditional Music & Song Association of Scotland, winning prizes for storytelling and traditional singing at these events.

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