Trinidad Cabezón Droguett

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Trinidad started her journey as a storyteller in 2015 in Chile, when she was finishing her degree in Hispanic Literature and Linguistics. Her education includes different courses with storytellers from Chile, Argentina and Cuba. She worked in an NGO in Santiago which promoted reading for joy at all ages. In this organisation, Trinidad explored the power of storytelling, bringing stories from books to life. She believes in the power of children’s and YA literature for all age groups, including adults. Her work consisted of storytelling performances in different contexts and with a diverse range of audiences.

In 2021, Trinidad moved to Glasgow and started a Masters in Community Development, Adult Education and Youth Work. As part of her placement, she worked at The Village Storytelling Centre using applied storytelling in her work with adults from the Pollok community. In this job, Trinidad combined her love for stories and her passion for community working, delivering workshops for different age groups, mainly adults, using storytelling as a way to empower communities and help them find their own voices. But most importantly, using storytelling as a creative way of enabling people to decide how and which stories to tell about themselves.

Trinidad works as a community storyteller at The Village Storytelling Centre. Her stories often include themes related to nature, feminism and magical realism. She is quite passionate about how reality mixes with fantasy, in an attempt to make the magic stories part of our “normal” world. She is also interested in the connections between Chile and Scotland, including historical events that are relevant to Scottish stories and experiences, and bringing Chilean tales to life for new audiences.

Trinidad is based in Glasgow but happy to travel anywhere in Scotland.