Summer Mandolin Mini-Sessions 2018 with Laura-Beth Salter

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After a few of my students requested this, I am going to run a series of led kitchen sessions aimed at people who are looking to improve their confidence playing in a group setting. The sessions will take place in my kitchen and be for around 6 people at a time. Each day there will be three levels;

Beginner – Players who know a few tunes but would like to play them at a very steady pace, with some guidance from me. We can add basic chords and you can have a go at starting a tune, or just play along when you feel like it.

Intermediate – Players who are comfortable with a good number of tunes, but might not want to play them at a rip-roaring pace. We can start them slow and then push the tempo and see where we get. Also good if you want to have a go at playing the backing. You can lead or I can lead, whatever takes your fancy.

Intermediate/Advanced – We’ll have a go at playing easy to advanced tunes at the tempo you would hear them in a session. You are also welcome to have a go at the backing. There will be room in this session for solos too if you feel like it!

I will provide music/tab for all of the classes in advance and on the day.