The Clarsach Society Scholarship and Young Composer Award 2018

The Young Composer Award
The Young Composer Award is an annual competition based award issued by The Clarsach Society. This year the award name has been updated in memory of John Macleod. The Award is now called The Iain Macleòid Young Composer Award.

Composers aged between 16 & 25 years of age are invited to present an original piece of music lasting no longer than 10, and no less than 8 minutes, suitable for:
a) Solo Clarsach/Non-pedal harp
b) Clarsach/Non-pedal harp and up to 3 other instruments and/or voices

The award is £500 plus a premiere performance at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival.

Applications are open till 5pm on October 31st 2018


The Annual Scholarship Award
Each year The Clarsach Society also offers a Scholarship Award to encourage promising players at any level who have limited resources, financial or otherwise. The award will be a fixed sum (up to £300) for use towards the cost of tuition and accommodation at an approved course with a Scottish content, e.g. Edinburgh International Harp Festival, or for a course of private lessons, or instrument hire.

The deadline for the 2018 Annual Scholarship is Wednesday 1st November 2018.

Please share with anyone you think would be interested.