The Story Of Elsie Inglis

Ayrshire Craigie Folk Club organiser Dave Dewar, who also runs Cultural Connections Theatre Group, has a new play with music for 2018, which is set to have a mini-tour soon.

The play includes eight established Scottish folk musicians, two actors, one narrator and one reader, and tells the story of one of Scotland’s most inspiring women.

Edinburgh suffragist and surgeon Elsie Inglis made her name during World War One by setting up Scottish Women’s Hospitals for Foreign Service, a unique all-women medical service to serve at the war front. When Doctor Inglis approached the British War Office to offer their services, she was rejected with the expression “My good lady go home and sit still.” Other Allied nations welcomed their offer, and 1500 women served in 14 medical units in Serbia, Russia, Rumania Greece and France. They were hugely successful in saving thousands of lives. Winston Churchill said that “their memory would shine in history.”

Fiona Cuthill (fiddle), Stevie Lawrence (guitar, bouzouki, percussion), Ian Walker (singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist), Moe Walker (vocals), Billy Stewart (singer-songwriter, guitar, vocals), Stan Graham (singer-songwriter, guitar, vocals), Wendy Weatherby (cello, vocals), Stephen Devine (piano).

The remaining cast include actors Sharon Osdin and Shona Riley, reader David Hogg and the narrator is Dave Dewar.

The play’s timing is relevant, with 2018 being the anniversary of the ending of the Great War, and the granting of some women the vote.


25th Nov – Dumfries House, Ayrshire
30th Nov – Glasgow University Memorial Chapel
2nd Dec – Augustine United Church, Edinburgh