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Bringing together Scotland's performance traditions.

Trad Arts have enjoyed a long and meaningful history in Scotland. For centuries, these art forms served as the main outlet for our creative minds and energies, the vehicle for our emotions & the catalyst in bringing us together.

Some of these traditions have broad roots. Others have been more recently developed. But whatever their origins, they continue to have great significance & value for us today.

Traditional Arts & Culture Scotland (TRACS) brings together Scotland's performance traditions – storytelling, music & dance – to encourage and support collaboration across art forms, and effectively promote traditional art activities, developing partnerships with organisations that can benefit from our resources.

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Delve into the richness of Scotland’s intangible heritage.

Search our database of traditional arts resources, divided into three main categories: dance, music & storytelling.

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TRACS appointed to Safeguard Scotland’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

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