About Traditional Music
Traditional Music and You

Where can I hear traditional music?

Scotland is full of opportunities to catch trad music thanks to its vibrant culture of community-based song and tune sessions happening across public spaces.

These are usually free to watch or take part in, and are an opportunity for musicians at all levels to meet and share music together.

  • Explore concerts through venues
  • Enjoy the more informal clubs
  • Discover the busy, year-round schedule of festivals taking place.
  • You can also find a number of record labels and publishers dedicated to trad music.
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Where can I take part in traditional music?

Traditional music is at heart a community phenomenon, and the best way to experience it is to take part.

Scotland has a rich body of community music organisations offering tuition for children and adults, social playing, performance opportunities and local resources.

You might also want to take a look at what organisations are currently involved with, or look into a specialty, such as strathspey and reel, piping or harp.

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How can I book traditional musicians?

The trad music community prides itself on its very high standard of musicians.

You can book musicians for dances, public gigs, private functions, teaching or fundraising events, to name a few.

Many musicians can be contacted directly through their websites, but for specialist help, contact agents and promoters.

You can find information about appropriate levels of pay through the Musicians’ Union.

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