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Barefoot Dancing @ NonStuff Festival


Barefoot Dancing @ NonStuff Festival

NonStuff Festival has a whole host of options with workshops, music, art and quiet time, but it wouldn’t be a festival without some earthy dance. This year we have some lovely dance & movement workshops, and some really great teachers joining us. TRADITIONAL WEST AFRICAN DANCE with Zoe Sawane: Zoe learnt traditional West African dances in Senegal and at festivals in the UK and teaches dances that are very energetic and simple enough to be picked-up by beginners or can be built upon to become more challenging. BIODANZE IN NATURE with Claire Levy Lewis: the dance of silent words in the music of nature. ADVENTURE DANCE with Dana MacPherson and Will Thorburn: an outdoor creative practice that combines contemporary dance, parkour and martial arts with environmental education. PLAYFUL MOVEMENTS: EXPLORATIONS IN NATURE with Emma Forbes: a workshop of gentle, free movement exploring and interacting with the natural environment based on the teachings of Anna Halprin (California based experimental dancer/chorepgrapher who practice engages deeply with the natural environment. BAREFOOT CEILIDH coordinated by Robin Newmann: you’ll be dancing your socks off, literally.

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