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Beginners Scottish Step Dance Class Edinburgh

Beginners Scottish Step Dance Class Edinburgh

Learn the basics of Scottish Step Dance – strathspey, reel and jig steps – in a fun environment in this class. 


No dance experience is necessary and your first time is free.


Scottish step Dance is a traditional Scottish form of percussive hard-shoe dancing which can be danced solo, or in a small `set` where steps in slow (Strathspey) and quick (reel and jig) time are combined with simple dance patterns including reels of three or four and `birling`.


Don’t worry if you don’t have hard soled shoes to begin with – come along and try it out in what you’ve got. 


The class is run by the Edinburgh University New Scotland Country Dance Society (New Scotland for short) though you do not have to be a student or associated with the University in any way to take part.


The classes are taught by Fiona Campbell, Step Tutor for over ten years for Edinburgh University’s New Scotland Dance Group and 5 years with the Scots Music Group before that. Student comments: “Fiona is a very good teacher; her classes are very good.” 

If you’ve already done quite a bit of stepdancing you might want to consider joining our Intermediate class where we learn new steps and practice pieces for performances – putting your stepping to good use! It runs the hour before the Beginners class (5.30-6.30pm)

Every night of dancing is £4 for non-members or £3 for members.