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Bring in the Spirit


Bring in the Spirit

Five world-class musicians invite you to join them for an evening of Scots song and verse: Rod Paterson, to whom the Scotsman attributes ‘one of the most beautiful and agile voices in Scotland’, most recognisable for his wonderful interpretations of Burns and as a member of the influential 1980s band The Easy Club; singer Kirsten Easdale, whose work with Calasaig has sent her on a tour of the world’s major international festivals as well as recording more than fifteen critically-acclaimed albums of her own work and as a supporting musician; accordionist Gregor Lowrey, whose recent collaboration with guitarist Steve Gillies was praised by Music in Scotland as ‘quite stunning, both in musicality and breadth… with enormous verve and style’; and Marc Duff, co-founder of Capercaillie and multi-instrumentalist sensation.

As a collaboration between all of these remarkable talents, Bring in the Spirit is an event not to be missed by any lover or player of Scottish traditional music. Prepare for a performance full of warmth, humour and inspiration.

Rod Paterson

Paterson is perhaps the finest singer I have heard in years

– Folk Notes, USA

Rod Paterson’s ability to wonderfully interpret Robert Burns and traditional Scots songs is matched by his knack for combining wry observational lyrics to the rhythmic strumming of a guitar: a skill that has earned him the accolade of “Birkie’s answer to Cole Porter”.

A former member of the 1980’s influential Scottish band The Easy Club, Rod toured with Ceolbeg and now also works with the re-formed Jock Tamson’s Bairns.

Rod is arguably one of Scotland’s finest singers

– Folk Roots, UK

One of the most beautiful and agile voices in Scotland

– The Scotsman

Kirsten Easdale

As well as trotting the globe with Celtic band Calasaig to perform at major international festivals, Kirsten Easdale has supported some of Scotland’s finest musicians: from Donovan to Shane McGowan, and Runrig’s Donnie Munro. She has also recorded more than fifteen albums, including four with Calasaig on the Lazy Mist Label, solo release Be Not Afraid for REL Records, and several of their most successful Scottish Compilations.

…a God given voice that knocks you sideways

– Glasgow Evening Times

Gregor Lowrey

Accordion player from a young age, Gregor Lowrey has worked with a number of bands including: Blackeyed Biddy, Cantychiels, Clan Terra, Ceilidh Minogue and Rusty Nail. He played with the Scottish Show Shehallion that opened the new Clyde Auditorium and has toured all over from Azerbaijan to Ecclefechan.

His collaborative album with Steve Gillies, entitled The Game’s a Bogie, was described by Music In Scotland as: ‘Quite stunning, both in musicality and breadth, the album includes Scottish traditional, Scottish contemporary, Continental and various other modes, all with enormous verve and style.’

Marc Duff

As co-founder of Capercaillie, Marc Duff has toured the world and found recording success. Since leaving the band in 1995 to pursue his own career, he has worked with many prominent artists, playing whistle, low D whistle, bodhran, bouzouki and wind synthesizer. His time spent at the Guildhall School of Music both bolstered his distinct talent for all of these instruments, and imbued him with an eclectic taste in music. This combination of skill and passion for music guarantees high demand for his work as both a session musician and teacher.