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Broom Bezzums

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Broom Bezzums

Broom Bezzums is an award-winning, powerful live acoustic duo comprising the talents and striking stage presence of Andrew Cadie and Mark Bloomer.

Mark Bloomer & Andrew Cadie have been constantly tearing up and down the autobahn since 2007, spreading their infectious music and wooing new fans with their congenial storytelling wherever they go.

Now firmly established in Germany, Broom Bezzums have twice won the “Folk” category at the German Rock and Pop Prize. Their music is play-listed on several German national radio stations, has been heavily featured in the music press and lauded in broadsheets. But they regularly cross the channel and have made steady inroads in to their native land.

“Broom Bezzums present a live show that sparkles with entertainment value and professionalism… …the audience was bowled over.”
Folker Magazine