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Dance Scottish in Edinburgh! (Advanced)

Dance Scottish in Edinburgh! (Advanced)

There is something for everyone at our classes, whether you have lots of experience or have never danced in your life, there is a class to suit you.

This class is for dancers who are confident with all formations and want to perfect their dancing with others of a similar level. Steps and formations are covered in depth with individual comments given to help dancers attain a high level of technique. You should be able to pick up the geography of dances quickly.

Selected dances from upcoming events will be taught as many in this class enjoy going to Branch dances and dancing socially in general.

“The class has everything you’d hope for: step practice; formations; learning new and old dances; and many invaluable hints and tips.”

It’s fun, great exercise and a good way to make new friends.

Want to find out more? Visit website for more information about how you can join in and make Scottish dancing part of your regular exercise programme.