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DHM Concerts presents Songs of Separation


DHM Concerts presents Songs of Separation

Reflections on the parting of ways 

Songs of Separation brought together 10 female folk musicians from Scotland and England to the Scottish west coast Isle of Eiggto create a recording which reflects on the issue of ‘separation’ in its many forms, through traditional song. Celebrating the similarities and differences in our musical, linguistic and cultural heritage, and set in the context of a post-referendum world, the work aims to prompt new thinking about the issue of separation as it occurs in all our lives.

The Songs of Separation team brings together two of the UK’s most celebrated voices of Eliza Carthy and Karine Polwart; two boundary-breaking Scots with harpist Mary Macmasterand composer Kate YoungHannah James,Hazel Askew and Rowan Rheingans, from the award winning English ensemble Lady Maisery; brilliant backline players Jenn Butterworth and Jenny Hill who have worked in both English and Scottish trad scenes andHannah Read, a New York-based musician who spent much of her childhood on the Isle of Eigg.

We are planning to hold an afternoon singing workshop on 23 May in The Queen’s Hall where up to 60 young people will then appear as guest performers in the evening for a selection of songs before the interval. The workshop is for the P3 to P7 age range, and their parents/carers. If you are interested in your child being involved please contact David Heavenor at[email protected] or 0131 622 7389.

“The harmonies are gorgeous and the lyrics thought-provoking. A good start to the year for folk music” (The Telegraph album review) 
“Joyous, thought-provoking, passionate, stirring, charming and beauteous” (The Guardian live review)

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