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Fest-Noz (Breton Ceilidh) with Le Bour/Bodros and Boulas/Rio


Fest-Noz (Breton Ceilidh) with Le Bour/Bodros and Boulas/Rio

Come celebrate Brittany Days with a night of Breton music and dancing. We are bringing two amazing Breton duets all the way from France: Le Bour/Bodros (saxophone and melodeon) and Boulas/Rio (Clarinet and accordion).

Expect lots of chain dances (like the gavotte, hanter dro, plinn, …) but also couples dances like scottishes and waltzes, which are very popular in Brittany. Dances are very easy to join, and no experience nor partner is necessary to enjoy the night. A dance workshop will be organised from 5pm to 6pm to show you the basic steps.

We are preparing a true Breton experience for you, with great Breton music, dancing, cidre and crêpes. So please join us!

This event is organised in partnership with the Brittany Council as part of Fête de la Bretagne.