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FluteFling Edinburgh Workshop

FluteFling Edinburgh Workshop

The 7th FluteFling Edinburgh Weekend will place 3-5 April in Portobello, with workshops taking place on Saturday 4th April and sessions all weekend.

This year’s tutors are Davy Maguire (Belfast), John Gahagan (Glasgow) and Sharon Creasey (Dumbarton). Munro Gauld (Perthshire) returns as a special guest in conversation and Gordon Turnbull (Edinburgh) will also be on hand throughout the weekend.

The weekend presents a day of workshops on the Saturday. We return to our usual format of three tutors and three groups, with the groups rotating between between all of the tutors.

Suitability: The workshops are intended for simple system wooden flutes in D, Boehm system flutes and whistles and low whistles in D. While not suitable for complete beginners and best for those with at least 1-2 years experience (this can vary), we do welcome those returning to the instruments after a break. More information can be found here.

Come and be part of the traditional flute and whistle revival in Scotland, with sessions, workshops, talks, performances and more.