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FluteFling Scottish Flute Workshop

FluteFling Scottish Flute Workshop

Get set for an inspiring all-day workshop for flute players focusing on traditional music. The FluteFling weekend is back for the fourth year running with three tutors to share their expertise, experience and enthusiasm.

Young Irish Musician of the Year 2016 Orlaith McAuliffe (simple system flute) will be joining Sharon Creasey (Boehm system flute) and Gordon Turnbull (simple system flute) who return as tutors. A special guest speaker is to be announced and there will be a free open session in the evening afterwards.

The workshop is open to Boehm system (metal, classical) musicians and those playing simple system wooden flutes (keyed or unkeyed) alike, this is an opportunity to explore and develop your flute playing in the context of Scottish traditional music. Working with different tutors while meeting and playing with other flute players from around Scotland and beyond. We’ve had flute players from the Isle of Arran, the Scottish Borders, Aberdeenshire, Lancashire, Sweden and the USA. We hope to see you there too!

Topics covered will include:

  • different playing styles
  • tune types
  • technique
  • breathing, phrasing and tone improvement
  • history

Whether you play wooden or Boehm system flute, this is a great opportunity to develop your playing and understanding of an instrument that is undergoing a revival in Scotland.

The tutors will be also be playing at a charity concert on Friday 16th June. Workshop ticket holders will have a code to purchase a discount ticket.

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