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Free workshop: the interpretation and evolution in Scottish Dancing

Free workshop: the interpretation and evolution in Scottish Dancing

Do you think you know your Scottish Dancing? A lot of people think they do, and they can get quite dogmatic about it. But Scottish Dancing is a living tradition which goes back hundreds of years. No-one alive today was taught it by one of the 18th Century Dancing Masters, and even they were continually adopting and adapting the latest fashions. The dancing we know today comes from interpretation of old documents and from knowledge and teaching passed down through the generations.

In this free workshop sponsored by Voluntary Arts, Ian Brockbank and Adam Brady will take you through some Scottish dances you might think you know, and possibly some you won’t, showing how the dance form has evolved over the years and how interpretation and personal tastes have shaped the dancing we do today.

Ian draws on documents and conversations from various sources, as well as recent research (published and unpublished) and personal experience from over thirty years of dancing across Scotland.

The workshop is open to dancers of all abilities from novice to expert, and thanks to the sponsorship of Voluntary Arts, is totally free. It is run by Edinburgh Scottish Dancers as part of Voluntary Arts Week. It is on Sunday 8th May from 2:00-4:30pm in Murrayfield Parish Church Hall, Ormidale Terrace, EH12 6EQ.