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Gavin Marwick – The Journeyman


Gavin Marwick – The Journeyman

Launched at Celtic Connections 2014 in St Andrew’s in the Square, we are delighted to have Gavin Marwick’s ‘Journeyman Spectacular return to our venue.

The full line up is: Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa/fiddle), Jonny Hardie (fiddle/guitar/vocals), Gregor Lowrey (accordion), Claire Mann (flute/fiddle), Fraser Fifield (sax/whistle/pipes/cajon), Bob Turner (piano), Cameron Robson (cittern), Aaron Jones (bass/bouzouki/vocals) and Davy Cattanach (percussion/guitar/vocals).

Gavin Marwick (Scottish fiddle player/composer) has been using Journeyman as a kind of catch all umbrella term to cover various aspects of his musical career. There is, for example, Journeyman the record label, and the Journeyman Collection, the ongoing series of Gav’s tunes in manuscript form. As a prolific composer and tunewriter Gav has a lot of musical ideas to expand, ambitiously covering a long list of inspirations and geography. Years spent developing these tunes in bands and with various friends in varying small line ups resulted in Gav doing a Celtic Connections New Voices commission (entitled Journeyman) in 2008 with a six piece line-up featuring himself, partner Ruth Morris on nyckelharpa, other Bellevue member Cameron Robson on cittern and Jews harp, Ceilidh Minogue musical buddies Bob Turner and Gregor Lowrey on piano and accordion, and multi-instrumentalist Fraser Fifield on various woodwinds and percussion. The format that afternoon was not to waste a precious second of stage time and the band played a continual, hour long arrangement.