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Glow Arts presents Hafdis Huld


Glow Arts presents Hafdis Huld

“Hafdis is brilliant!” Lauren Laverne, BBC 6Music

Hafdis Huld is an Icelandic singer with a growing international reputation. It’s a lot to do with her wonderful voice and songs full of vivid images and catchy hooks, it’s partly that her Icelandic accent is charming and she is
undeniably beautiful. But it is also her disarmingly charming banter and storytelling skills:

“When I was younger I set up a circus in a friend’s garage; we had 15 people in there every night. I used to tie a rope around my sister’s waist – she was only 5 at the time – and throw her over a pulley. She would fly in the air in a batman costume, until my mum came in one night and went “Oh My God!”.

“Bittersweet, slightly bonkers and decidedly swoony” Time Out

Her Facebook page is a constant hive of activity and her engagingly quirky videos & online gigs regularly clock up an audience equivalent to more than half the population of her homeland. A truly international artist,

Hafdis now has fans in over 30 countries around the world.

“I love her voice and I love her.” – Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2