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Into The Water

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Into The Water

Up & Over It, Into The Water

This internationally renowned folk-dance duo presents a foot-stomping, hand-tapping adventure through dance, percussion and video.    

Drawing inspiration from the story of Líf and Lífþrasir, the only survivors of the nordic mythological apocalypse, this modern retelling unfolds when two people, washed up on a magical wasteland, find their feet through toe-tapping  and made-up games. This humorous show transports audiences of all ages to a dreamlike world where anything is possible and friendship is everything. The performers twist and turn, play and fight, drum and dance for sheer delight. Their mastery of Irish dancing is second only to their unique hand tapping routine which has garnered over 9 million online views.

Into the Water was commissioned and produced by Chapter’s creative producer programme Coreo Cymru in partnership with Theatr Iolo and supported by the Arts Council of Wales lottery fund.

“Who knew Irish step could be so cool?” New York Times.

Part of the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival