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Kirsty Law Band


Kirsty Law Band

A delight to welcome an extraordinary, indeed a trio of immense talent to Falkirk

Borders-born Kirsty Law has grown up learning traditional songs

Her strong interests in songwriting and poetry have lead to an exciting collaboration in which her own compositions flourish, inspired by the ideas and forms she finds within the tradition

She has now launched into a career of performing and writing, fast becoming noticed as a talent to watch

Accompanied by Rona Wilkie (BBC Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2012) and Marit Falt (Vamm) they create a sound which is charged and exciting whilst resonating with stories, forms and melodies that have withstood the test of time

‘In Kirsty Law, it’s a joy to hear a young singer and writer in Scots with such welcoming, earthy and conversational character to her singing and songs’ Karine Polwart, multi-award winning singer and songwriter

Kirsty’s dedication to Scottish tradition shines through her singing – her voice has a rich, warm tone and her sensitive interpretation will touch your heart. Not to be missed!Margaret Bennett, acclaimed Scottish singer, tradition bearer and folklorist

‘Voyage is a superbly crafted storytelling experience in which narrative, song, music and evocative visuals all combine to draw us into the storytelling magic ’Donald Smith, director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, on the commission, ‘Voyage’