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Moving the Inner World – Authentic Movement as Explorative Practice: Short Course

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Moving the Inner World – Authentic Movement as Explorative Practice: Short Course

Moving the Inner World – Authentic Movement as Explorative Practice: Short Course
Led by Kedzie Penfield
Sun 1 May & Sun 22 May 11.00 – 16.00
The Bakery Studio, Rear of 11A Exchange Street, Jedburgh
Cost: £80 for the two Sundays to be paid in advance

In May 2016, Kedzie Penfield will lead an Authentic Movement Workshop at The Bakery Studio in Jedburgh.

About the Course

My interest in this project is to introduce the Authentic Movement practice to people new to it, to those who already have experience and wish to continue or refresh their practice and to a community that is interested in exploring inner imagination through movement. No particular skill with movement is necessary though a curiosity and a willingness to try moving spontaneously according to your own likes and comfort is helpful.

I came to Authentic Movement in the 90s as a dancer when a group of us brought Janet Adler to Europe to teach. In the subsequent years we worked to understand her way of addressing questions in this form and learn to trust our bodies’ movement as an informative and expressive part of ourselves. I look forward to continuing this exploration in a way that we can develop; balancing our way of learning with those of the AM Framework and each other’s needs.

I work as a psychotherapist in private practice in Edinburgh so the relationship between personal work and therapy is an interesting tension for me. I see this project as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our perceptions with others, not as a therapy but as a creative movement process. That said, some practices and processes are borrowed from a therapeutic framework such as confidentiality and awareness of boundaries. Within this context it is important to meet as a consistent group of people so we ask that you come to both of the Sunday sessions being offered.

Kedzie Penfield: Biography

UKCP, BPC Registered; CMA, (Certified Movement Analyst) CMPA (Movement Profile Analyst)
Trained in dance, movement analysis and dance movement therapy in NYC in the 1970’s. Moved to Scotland to work in the NHS in the 1980’s. Continued work as movement analyst, staff trainer and consultant in statutory and voluntary sectors. Directed the first LMA (Laban Movement Analysis) program in Europe in Rotterdam. Qualified as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in 2002 from the Scottish Institute of Human relations in Edinburgh. For more information see website

We need 8 people for the course to be viable so please contact Claire Pençak by email [email protected] to book and confirm your place by April 1, 2016. It would also be useful to know just a little about yourself and your previous experience of movement improvisation and Authentic Movement so if you could send a short paragraph that would help me in the planning of this workshop series.

If you have any questions please contact Claire by email or on 07768 172891 or Kedzie Penfield at [email protected] Kedzie can also provide some readings about authentic movement if you are interested.

Please bring your own blanket, cushion and if you wish, notebook and drawing materials.