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MuseuM: Shamanic Theater & Storytelling Pracitioner Training

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MuseuM: Shamanic Theater & Storytelling Pracitioner Training


Shamanic Theatre and Storytelling Practitioner Training

6 month Training with Carol Day and Owen Pilgrim
with 2 workshop weekend elements

1: Theatre of Awareness – The Shamanic Player 17 and 18 May 2014 Synergy, Glenrothes
2: Stories of Belonging – The Conscious Bard 29 and 30 November 2014 Synergy, Glenrothes

The last day for enrolments and payment of deposits for this course is Saturday 3 May.

This 6 month course is a special module created for those who would like to work with Shamanic Theatre and Storytelling.

Designed for therapists, those who take groups or individuals through processes like teaching or support groups and for shamanic practitioners, the training teaches how to work with healing models to be able to assist ourselves and others to see the different elements which create the scripts of our lives. With lots of play, immersion in archetypes, work with the shamanic carousel of the initiation process and close examination of personal storylines and themes, we weave a project together to enable much change and freeing’

The model of the course guides a creative recovery process through which the participants travel for a 6 month duration. This becomes a powerful teaching model for the participants to then take to their own work with groups and individuals.

The basic premise of the healing template of this training, is that the wheel of life provides us with various stages of initiaition in our growth and development. It is the natural way of things. Repression or disturbance of any of these stages can create blocks and weaknesses in the flow of creative confidence which affects health and demeanour. Stories hold the nuggets of these different stages. We can work with stories to uncover areas which would benefit from care and attention and use theatre, creative listening and art methods to open up awareness and safe expression.

This course is written, delivered and mentored by Carol Day and Owen Pilgrim. Carol Day is a Practitioner, Teacher and Educator in Shamanism and an Artist and Writer who has spent many years working with children and adults in teaching and therapeutic settings. She has devised a series of courses working with the wheel of creativity, for her own trainings with the little red drum and also the spiral and curriculum for the Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery. Owen Pilgrim is a Bard and specialist in the Story-telling element of Shamanism. He is also an Artist, a Forest School Educator and a Student of Shamanism. He has worked in a workshop and teaching setting with children, teenagers with special needs and adults.

“Museum” is a course designed to take you through an exciting unravelling and reprogramming journey with the Muse and the wheel of Creativity. The training brings us to an understanding of our inner storyteller and the scripts that we find are leading our lives. We have the potential to be creating our own stories but instead can be found that our strings are being pulled by others and our own unconscious impulses. There may be dreams that we have or ways that we would like to be living but instead are distracted and led astray by desires that do not fulfil our deeper needs. If we recognize the story, the myth, that we live in we can then see what archetypes are operating and where we might be stuck in these stories.

This training teaches how to spot and work with basic stories and how to recognise the places where there is healing potential. It introduces methods and techniques to apply in these places for helping flow or realignment. There are taught strategies for aligning with the inner player and bard to give insight into ones own place in a story and a play we are playing in our own lives. We pinpoint certain characters and and learn how to become aware of masks we may be wearing. These stories have optimum healing potential at different times of the year and we work with the wheel of the year and its initiations to teach the potency of working with the seasons and aligning with the natural flow of time. Through the course, the inner storyteller is led through an initiation. The story is de-constructed. Then there is focus on reattuning with the muse and becoming directors of the flow of our lives so that our stories can be rebuilt from a source of empowerment and inspiration.

This course is priced at £600. This is at a significant reduction as we pilot it for its first 6 month duration.

Students who are currently signed up on either the Foundation or Practitioner Training courses with lrd are given a reduction of £100.

The deposit for this course is £150

What to expect:

The course has 2 weekend work shops. The first: Theatre of Awareness – The Shamanic Player 17 and 18 May, works especially with focus on the Player and introduces Shamanic Theatre techiques. The second: Stories of Belonging – The Conscious Bard 29 and 30 November 2014, focuses more on the empowerment of the Bard: the Inner Storyteller. However, both workshops play with the Theatre and Storytelling elements and seek to provide the basics for beginning the course in May and the essentials for wrapping up and completing initiations in November.

Carol teaches more of the Shamanic Theatre element and Owen teaches more of the Storytelling.

There is a body of literature which will take you through the 6 months of the course and carry you from the Beltane festival to the Samhain festival. These months will take you through the initiation periods of the healing journey and also the potential of this time of year. There is one main story which will be the focus of the course. We are working on a story that is both contemporarily significant and locally metaphorical. Within this umbrella story, there are 6 minor tales that have great significance to the month that they feature and you will be guided to work with material which supports awareness raising and integration of the archetypal healing script each story presents.

The simple healing formulas are awareness raising and bringing into belonging as the workshop titles sugggest. The course material uses shamanic journeying, writing, art work, play, ceremony and nature therapy as some of the healing methods.

We recommend spending about 3 hours a week focusing on the course work for good effect.

If you have any questions please do contact either of us.

Thank you…