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Music Teacher’s Toolbox: Figurenotes (CPD)

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Music Teacher’s Toolbox: Figurenotes (CPD)

Looking for CPD?

Perfect for all music teachers and practitioners! Discover how Figurenotes can be used in your teaching to create an easy way to play. Explore ideas and gain inspiration from our experienced musicians and trainers. 

Sessions will include:

Figurenotes for Differentiated Learning – The inspirational Pete Sparkes will lead you through using Figurenotes in groups with varying abilities, promoting inclusivity in differentiated learning.

Know Your Software – Figurenotes Officer, Lauren Clay, will give you an in-depth tutorial in using Figurenotes software to create your own scores and tailor your teaching materials to your pupils’ needs.

Mixed Media Creative Work – The wonderfully creative Emma Lines will help you use Figurenotes as a means of creating beautiful music, games and activities within your lessons, giving you valuable ideas for group work and individual projects. 

Along with warm up and game ideas, Q&A session, and more!

£60/£50 for Figurenotes Community members. You can become a member at 

Drake Music Scotland is the leading organisation working in music education for those with disabilities and additional support needs. Figurenotes, although designed for people with learning disabilities, has proved an effective learning tool for all beginners. With different stages leading to conventional notation, Figurenotes provides a truly inclusive way for a group to learn together. It is also perfect for 1:1 tuition. 

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