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Nathaniel Gow's Dance Band: Ceilidh Nights 4

Nathaniel Gow's Dance Band: Ceilidh Nights 4

Party like it’s 1799! Celebrate the roots of ceilidh dancing in tunes and dances from 18th-century Scotland.

‘Nathaniel Gow’s Dance Band: Ceilidh Nights’ reimagine the 18th-century ceilidh, bringing together early music group Concerto Caledonia with some of the leading lights in Scottish traditional music, including fiddlers Lauren MacColl, Marie Fielding and Shona Mooney, as well as viola player, dancer and singer Mairi Campbell.

The night takes the format of a modern Scottish ceilidh, with a range of high-energy dances, from strathspeys and reels to quicksteps and country dances. We perform completely acoustically, with a line-up of gut-strung fiddles, cello, and Scottish small-pipes, all in 18th-century set-up.  The dance steps and music are taken from the often ignored wealth of 18th-century Scottish sources, brought to life through a rich tapestry of traditions and musical styles.

Not to be missed: bring your dancing shoes and join us for a wonderful night of music and dancing!

Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.