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Quadrilles & Contredanses


Quadrilles & Contredanses

Dance Workshop:  Discover the origin of some of our most popular Scottish Social Dances while enjoying the music of Niel Gow and his contemporaries.

Napoleon may have lost the war but French dances conquered the world!

Throughout the 19th century, the Quadrille was queen of all fashionable ballrooms. Join us for a day of workshops and travel back in time to explore the origin of the dance. With musicians from Concerto Caledonia:  Mairi Campbell, Aaron McGregor and Alison McGillivray.

Discover the reasons for its popularity, compare it to other “country dances” of the time and to finish the day in style, we invite you to a Regency Ball, where you can practice the dances learnt through the day, accompanied by live music of the period from members of Concerto Caledonia.