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RSCDS Banffshire Branch Classes: Fochabers Bellie Church Hall

RSCDS Banffshire Branch Classes: Fochabers Bellie Church Hall

There are many classes in the Banffshire area and you will be welcome whether you are an ‘old hand’ or a complete beginner. The future of Scottish Country Dancing depends on attracting new participants, so beginners will be particularly welcome.

If you’re not sure then just come along to a class and watch to see if it’s for you. You don’t need to bring a partner (but why not encourage a parent or offspring?), you don’t need to pay for a ‘taster’ and you don’t need special shoes to start with (though soft shoes are recommended rather than wellies or tackety boots!). The exercise will do you good and you can start at your own pace without overdoing it – if you get out of puff you can sit and watch the next dance while you get your breath back. Those initial feelings of ‘two left feet’ and ‘which way do I go now?’ are perfectly natural and will reduce (but never disappear entirely!) as you gain experience.

You will find that Scottish country dancing is much cheaper, more sociable and much more fun than going to a gym.

Classes are ‘seasonal’ – typically from about early September to early May. Enthusiastic classes may well continue as occasional ‘Summer Socials’.

For more information on classes at Fochabers Bellie Church Hall and throughout the local area, visit the RSCDS Banffshire Branch website.