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Scots Trad Music Awards

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Scots Trad Music Awards

The Scots Trad Music Awards is an annual event that takes place every December. Held at different venues around the country, the aim of these Awards is to highlight Scotland’s wonderful traditional music in all its forms and to create a high profile opportunity which will bring the music and music industry into the spotlight of media & public attention.

The  2015 Scots Trad Music Awards and Gala Concert is on the 5th December, Caird Hall, Dundee. The nominations period for the Scots Trad Music Awards starts this Monday 5th October. If you have a favourite act or organisation you think deserves a mention for their work this last twelve months visit and tell us! The nominations period ends on Friday 16th October.

Visit the Scots Trad Music Awards website.

Bands performing on Saturday 5th December include

Peatbog Faeries
Duncan Chisholm
Phil Cunningham, Aly Bain and Violet Tulloch
Claire Hastings – BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician 2015
Tom Orr Scottish Dance Band
Murray Henderson and the Big Music Society
Cathy Anne MacPhee
Catriona McKay