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Skin and stone: symbolism in tattoos and tombstones


Skin and stone: symbolism in tattoos and tombstones

Will you delve into the story of Edinburgh, written upon the very skin of her people and on the graves of the dead? Dig It! 2015 invites you to explore our fascination with making our mark in life and death. 

Join Elinor Predota, researcher of stories and teller of tales, as we follow a sailor from riches to ruin, in a story of tattoos, death, and curses. With the newly reopened Surgeons’ Hall Museums and the famous Greyfriars Kirk as our settings, this free event is a perfect way to usher in All Hallows’ Eve.

Please note that this event is not suitable for anyone under 16 years of age, and that photography in the Museums is prohibited due to the Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006. The tour will take place both indoors and outside, so please dress for the weather. 

Part of Dig Where You Stand.