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Song Vessel Workshop


Song Vessel Workshop

These workshops will engage you with traditional song in a truly unique way. The Vessel Project explores the visual images that are created in the mind of the singer when singing traditional song, as a method of recalling words to memory, an aide for telling the story of the song and a link to other times and places when the song has been heard or sung. Led by Naomi Harvey & Brigid Collins, you’ll learn songs themed around a cycle of birth, love and death, before going on to explore the images evoked by your chosen song to create a sculptural ‘song vessel’. The workshop lasts a weekend, but you can opt to do just one or both days.

<ul>Morning Session: ‘Seeing the Songs'</ul>

A song workshop with a difference. Learn new (old!) songs, share your own favourite, listen and talk about what you see in your mind when you sing. Led by Scots & Gaelic singer Naomi Harvey, we’ll explore ballads and lullabies, love songs and laments.

<ul>Afternoon Session: ‘Making a Song Vessel'</ul>

Create a ‘song vessel’ sculpture. These sculpture forms bring to life the visual memories and imagery evoked by traditional song. Led by artist and illustrator Brigid Collins, experience the joy of making things and fashioning a vessel to carry your chosen song.


Spaces are limited so booking must be made in advance. Please book via the contact details provided below. When booking please indicate whether you would like to attend one day or both.