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Whisky Galore

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Whisky Galore

The National Theatre of Scotland ~ World Premiere
The National Theatre of Scotland, Robhanis and A Play, A Pie and A Pint present a new, Gaelic adaptation of the novel Whisky Galore by Compton MacKenzie. Adapted for the stage by Iain Finlay MacLeod. Directed by Guy Hollands

World War II and the islands of Great Todday and Little Todday are suffering from a serious drought – a distinct lack of whisky. It casts a long shadow over the islands and means that Sergeant Odd cannot marry his sweetheart Peggy. For as everyone knows, a rèiteach (wedding party) cannot happen without a dram.

The only person happy with the situation is the local jobsworth, Captain Waggett, ever on the look-out for any loose talk on the islands.
Things change dramatically for the better when the S.S Cabinet Minister runs aground off the island with 50 thousand cases of whisky in its hold! The canny islanders quickly decide to claim this bounty, rather than have it be carried to the bottom of the sea – or even worse, back to the mainland.

Captain Waggett he vows to put an end these shenanigans by calling in customs officials and a hilarious race against time ensues. Can the islanders hide the whisky in time? Will Sergeant Odd get to marry his beloved?  Will anyone on Todday ever be sober again?

This delightful new version of the much-loved, charmingly whimsical comedy (made famous by the 1949 Ealing comedy film) features a host of colourful characters, live music and, naturally, whisky galore.

Please note Whisky Galore will be performed almost entirely in Gaelic, with English subtitles