Tramway partners with Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund

Tramway is partnership with the Bonnie Bird Choregraphy Fund for the next Marion North Mentoring Awards.

The Marion North Mentoring Awards give new and emerging choreographers, working in any style, the opportunity to gain invaluable advice, support and feedback from established choreographers or dance artists.

The scheme consists of pairing a choreographer with a chosen mentor to overcome artistic challenges or other career hurdles. Awards for the mentoring of up to £1000 are made annually to two choreographers working in any style. The awards from this partnership with Tramway will be available to choreographers based in Scotland. Once chosen, the BBFC and Tramway facilitate the mentorship and provide associated advice and assistance.

Selection will be by application. Closing date: 16th November 2015

More information about the award is available on the Tramway website